About Oranjemund

omund0028The name Oranjemund means “Mouth of the Oranje” in German, so named due ti its close proximity to the mouth of the Oranje river. Oranjemund is a constituency in the ||Kharas Region, south- western part of Namibia. It approximately span an area of 27,000 sqkm and has a population of 9000 inhabitants. It has a mild desert climate with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, therefore it’s an attraction location for year-around visits. Oranjemund has a mild desert climate with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, therefore making it an attraction location for year-round visits.

Oranjemund is surrounded by a unique and sensitive natural environment with the Orange River valley and the streams of the Orange River, which magnificently flows into the Atlantic Ocean where the natural border between Southern Namibian and South Africa begins. As many may know, the Orange River separates Oranjemund from Alexander Bay, most of the local residents of Oranjemund and South Africans travels daily across the Sir Ernst Opperheimer Bridge for visits.

In Oranjemund the population of wildlife such as the Oryx, jakkals, etc occasionally occurs in the area surrounding Oranjemund. The presence of a number of parks with lush green vegetation, although very water dependent, the gardens have given the town the sense of an “oasis in the desert”. The town of Oranjemund is well-known as the beautiful “Diamond Town” which lies in one of the world’s richest diamond areas, and Sperrgebiet National Park zone.

omund0033Oranjemund has been a closed town following the discovery of rich ore deposits of diamonds on the northern bank of Orange River, soon hereafter, the diamond mining regulations were introduced. The company (Namdeb) owns almost all the infrastructure and property in the town and residents have been provided with free housing, water and electricity from the beginning till to date.

Nevertheless, Oranjemund has been declared as a town recently in year 2011. The Council is still in the establishment phase, and in the take-over process of all municipal services as Oranjemund Town Council is a newly established Local Authority and it is our mandate is to develop the town and to uplift, maintain the community’s living standards by providing the best municipal services we can offer and to continually strive to promote the Town by attracting all potential investors henceforth to empower the economy of Oranjemund.