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Use the below to submit your water meter readings each month. Submitting your own meter readings helps to ensure that your municipal account's water consumption rate is calculated with greater accuracy. It also helps you determine if their are any leakages and to see how you can save on your water usage. It's good idea to follow a set start and end date each month. For example always take the reading on the 1st day of a month and the last day of the month. 1 January - 31 January.

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How to get there
namibia-map1You can travel from Windhoek to Oranjemund by car on the tar road (800 km). Drive along the B1, pass Keetmanshoop, continue on the B4 to Aus, continue further south on the C13 to Rosh Pinah. A few kilometres from there, a road sign indicates: Oranjemund 83 km.

If you will be arriving via South Africa , you will need to drive to Steinkopf on the N7, turn left to Port Nolloth and then right to Alexander Bay. A mere three kilometres past Alexander Bay is the South African border. Driving there can be arduous, as the N7 is long, straight and rather sparse, but it may be the easiest way of getting there.

Oranjemund does have an airport, but there are currently no direct flights from South Africa. Visitors who are set on flying will first have to fly to Windhoek and then catch Westair to Oranjemund.

Also make sure you have a ZA sticker on your car if travelling from South Africa, a valid passport for showing at the border, which should be valid for another 6 months from the date you leave South Africa or your relevant country, a valid driver’s license (ie. South Africa licenses are valid in Namibia), cash to pay a road user’s fee (approx R220 for a car, R140 per trailer/camper. You can pay by credit card, in South Africa rand or Namibian dollar. It is safer to take enough cash with. An important point is to note that your vehicle’s papers must be in order – proof of ownership of the vehicle or rental company, your drivers license, and a police clearance certificate.

Border control

Border Times 06:00-22:00
Payment Methods Cash, Credit / Debit Cards
Currency ZAR, NAD

Oranjemund Border control is situated between Namibia and South Africa. On the Namibia side you have the town of Oranjemund, and on South Africa’s side, Alexander Bay. Namibia’s daylight saving time (GMT+1) is from the first Sunday of April to first Sunday in September. (ie. The times specified will then be an hour earlier). A single paved carriage way leads towards the border post crossing at the bridge at Alexander Bay to Oranjemund. Please just note that it will be impossible to cross the bridge at this border post without a valid permit.

The police at the border post will check your engine number, chassis, trailer number and license details. If you own the vehicle, make sure that your insurance is covered while you travel in Namibia. Your bank must also issue you with a letter giving you authorisation to take the vehicle across the border, including dates. The bank letter and license papers must be signed by the Commissioner of Oaths. If you are using a rental car, make sure you have a letter from the rental company giving you permission to take the vehicle out of the country.