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About Oranjemund


Overview of Oranjemund

  • Situated in the ||Kharas Region, south- western part of Namibia.
  • It approximately spans an area of 25km² and has a population of approximately +/-10,000 inhabitants.
  • Surrounded by the unique and sensitive natural environment with the Orange River valley and the streams of the Orange River, which magnificently flows into the Atlantic Ocean, where the natural border between Southern Namibian and South Africa begins.

For more than 80 years, a secret was kept from the rest of the world. Oranjemund a beautiful & historic mining town situated on the north bank of the Orange River in southwestern Namibia (//Kharas Region), one of the richest diamond fields in the world.

Oranjemund is becoming one of the newest tourist destinations in Namibia. Tourism is already one of the key building blocks in transformation of this unique diamond mining town of Oranjemund.

Oranjemund means “Mouth of the Orange” in German, due to its close proximity to the mouth of the Orange River, it was established in 1936 by the then Consolidated Diamond Mines (CDM). It has been a closed privately owned town, which existed purely for the purpose of mining operations, with the mine providing all the services.

Oranjemund was declared as a town by the Government of the Republic of Namibia in 2011 and established the Oranjemund Town Council in 2012, with the mandate to develop the town, whilst uplifting and maintaining the community’s living standards, by providing reliable and quality municipal services.

On the 21st of October 2018, Oranjemund celebrated its first Anniversary of being an open town. This historic event marked the end of the permit requirements to enter the town since 2017, and opens the town for both business opportunities and tourist travel. An influx of tourists has been evident since the opening of the town.

All roads lead to Oranjemund, it is situated within the Tsau //Khaeb (Sperrgebiet) National Park, which lies adjacent to the /Ai – /Ais – Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and is accessible via a brand new highway from Rosh Pinah. Known for its tree-lined avenues, lush green parks, Oranjemund connects Namibia to South Africa via the Orange River.

The Orange River offers a spectacular view, with the beautiful barren of coast of the Atlantic Ocean right next to the river mouth. Oranjemund has unique offerings for fauna and flora enthusiasts. Oryx’s roam through the streets and patiently wait at the zebra crossings to cross the road and with other wildlife animals such as Springboks, Jackals can also be spotted.

Fancy a braai or a picnic on the beach? Stargazing under clear southern Namibia skies? Oranjemund has 4km of unspoiled beach front. Sightseeing along the bank is popular with those who enjoy paddle skiing or boating. The reed channels form part of the RAMSAR proclaimed Oranje River Wetlands. Birdlife to be found is unique and rated as the most spectacular along the Southern Western coast of Africa.

Swartkops hill, in the Nature Reserve, is situated nine kilometres east of the town. It offers a magnificent view overlooking the Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Bridge and the Orange River. The hill’s flat summit rises 70 metres above sea level and forms the link between the Richtersveld flora and the Namib Desert flora. Close to the Oppenheimer Bridge, lithops – popularly referred to as ‘living’ or ‘flowering’ stones – and even Tylecodon schaeferianus, can be found among the rocks overlooking the Orange River.

Those with an interest in the town’s history will find a visit to Jasper House Heritage Centre- Museum an experience not to be missed. The Sperrgebiet has stories going back for over a century, where different aspects of its history, such as mining, the environment, and the society are showcased in our local museum. With the discovery of an old 15th century sail ship buried in the sand and laden with gold Portuguese and Spanish coins, ivory and other artefacts, chronicles and archives have been preserved and are on display for viewing, while plans are underway to establish a museum for this find.

Oranjemund sports an immaculate 18 hole golf course along the green bank of the Oranje River. Amateur golfers and pros will have their skills seriously tested by an unforgiving course, which, with its long and wide green fairways and dense rough for those who dare to wander off the fairways. This is a test of golfing skill and the courage to persevere. With an abundance of wildlife like Gemsbok, Ostriches, Jackals and the occasional brown Hyena as visitors to the course, it is an ideal breakaway for the avid golfer.

With a variety of bird life along the Orange River the golf course is the ideal place to indulge not only in the passion of golfing but also bird watching. Oranjemund Golf Course Tel: 063 – 23 2311

Oranjemund Off- Road club, the club organizes controlled dune rides monthly and routinely arranges rallies for quads, bikes and pipe cars the club is situated on the beach road with the entrance clearly marked.

Golf 081 122 7601
Angling 063 23 2395
Bowling 063 23 2106
Horse Riding 081 332 3415
Gun Club 081 129 3191
Badminton 081 202 8128
Town Swimming Pool 063 23 5780
The Gym 081 262 8930
Library 063 23 9399

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