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The Oranjemund Town Council is governed by its Municipal Council in terms of the Local Authority Act, Act 23 of 1992. Council consists of seven members who are elected by the residents of Oranjemund for a period of five years on the basis of a proposed political party list.

The Town Council’s mandate is to develop the town and to uplift and maintain the community’s living standards by providing the best municipal services that can be offered and also to continually strive to promote the Town by attracting all potential investors henceforth to empower the economy of the town of Oranjemund.


The Vision, Mission and Values

A vision and mission lies at the heart of, and drives, the choices an organisation makes when designing and implementing its operating model. As the Oranjemund Town Council did not have a vision, mission and value statements, the following statements were endorsed.


A unique town that thrives on new possibilities

To deliver inclusive services whilst cultivating citizenry participation for a sustainable and prosperous future.

The Values
The core values combined form the vehicle that enables Oranjemund Town Council to fulfill its mission whilst driving towards its vision. They are the values that govern staff behaviour as they relate to one another, the Council and customers.

Our core values are: FAST

  • Fairness : Respectfulness in our relations
  • Accountability: Responsible for our actions
  • Sustainability: Preserve and protect the resource for current and future generations
  • Transparency and Teamwork: In all our dealings and working together internally and collaborate externally.