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Town Council takes charge of electricity distribution at Oranjemund

Posted: 3 Aug 2020

The Oranjemund Town Council has officially taken over the provision of electricity at the diamond mining town from Namdeb.

The town council and Namdeb in a joint media statement on Monday announced that Namdeb has handed over the electricity distribution and maintenance functions at the town to the local authority.

The town of Oranjemund, formerly owned by Namdeb, was granted local authority status in 2011.

A power supply agreement signed by the council and Namdeb last month has paved the way for the council to start delivering electricity distribution services to Oranjemund residents.

In terms of the agreement, Namdeb will transfer all electricity assets, including low and medium-voltage infrastructure, to the council. Equally, the diamond mining company will continue to provide technical support for six months to enable the council to attain the required capacity to maintain the electricity infrastructure.

The electricity provision takeover marks the complete handover of municipal services from Namdeb to the town council.

In their joint statement, the local authority and Namdeb expressed their gratitude to businesses, all stakeholders and the town transformation team for ensuring the smooth transition of various services from the company to the town council without any interruption.

“We will continue to seek support of all stakeholders in our endeavours for economic diversification of the town of Oranjemund,” the statement reads.

[source: The Namibian –]