Capital Projects

otc-image0006-1024x576The construction of water, sewer, electricity and roads for 15 single residential plots, one (1) business plot and one (1) sewer pump station is being managed by Namibia Consulting Engineers and is expected to be completed by December 2016.

The construction of civil infrastructure in Extension 5 for 15 single residential plots, 2 general residential plots, 4 business plots and one (1) sewer pump station is being supervised a consulting Engineer company, Aurecon Namibia (PTY) Ltd with contractor, Earthworks, Building & Civil Contractors and was expected to be completed by 29 July 2016. However, due to the delay caused by the availability of a borrow pit materials for the construction of roads, the project timeline has been postponed to October/November 2016

The construction of civil and electrical infrastructure in Extension 4 for 86 single residential plots (High density area for middle to low income) is equally being supervised by D&P Consulting Engineers and Rio Engineering and Construction, and expected to be completed by 30 July 2016. But the delay in the borrow pit materials caused the timeline to be changed and now that the issue of borrow pit has been resolved; Council expects the project to completed in October this year.

In addition, the construction of civil infrastructure for residential erven in Extension 4, servicing of land, the Town Council appointed Artee Project Engineers PTY Ltd consultants, while the contractor still needs to be appointed in September 2016 with the aim to complete the project by February 2017.

The construction of the Oranjemund Business Park/ Open Market is planned to commence in September 2016, with the aim to support local economic developments in town. The Council availed land for this purpose and architects was appointed for the concept and design of the project.
After, the tender closed, the site handover for this project is expected to be done on the 29th September 2016. Due to financial constrain, this project is expected to be done in two phases and is being funded with Council own funds and the line Ministry.

Once completed, the project expects to accommodate street vendors as well as a provision has also been made for the car wash bays in effort to control car wash activities in Oranjemund.