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Celebrating the International Coastal Cleanup Day

Posted: 7 Oct 2016

International Coastal clean-up day is a worldwide event, celebrated annually on the third Saturday of September. This year it was celebrated on 17 September 2016 under the theme “Mainstreaming biodiversity, sustaining people and their livelihoods.”

All coastal towns/countries are expected to participate in this event through volunteer clean-up campaigns at their coastal areas. To contribute to this prestigious event, the Oranjemund town organised a local coastal clean-up campaign on its beaches to empower people to take an active role in the preservation and cleaning up of the ocean. The main aim of the campaign was to remove all litter from the ocean, to maintain and protect marine life.

The event was organised with school learners from Ambrosius Amutenya Combined School, Oranjemund Private School and the general Oranjemund community. All information was recorded and forwarded to Namibian Coastal Conservation and Managements (NACOMA) for international recording purposes.

This year birdwatching was incorporated into the programme to engage the community and learners and to make the campaign more fun and educational. Each group was allocated two group leaders, one for recording the amount of litter collected and the other for facilitating birdwatching using binoculars. The number and type of birds were identified, counted and recorded using the sponsored bird guide books.

The event was a joint effort with the local companies that assisted in different ways. Refreshments, transport, corporate items such as gloves, T-shirts, pens, bottles etc. were some of the items sponsored by the different companies. Special thanks go to the sponsors for making the International Coastal Clean-up day successful, without your support this would not have been achieved. The following are the sponsors to the above event namely:

  • Namdeb- Allied Services
  • B&E International
  • Berronnies
  • Enviroserv
  • Namdeb Environmental Department
  • Debmarine Namdeb Foundation
  • Namparks
  • Okovikenga Printing Shop
  • OTC
  • Spar